Security Threats to E-Commerce: Measures & Solutions

Biometrics in ecommerce

The growth of the ecommerce industry over the last few years has been nothing short of phenomenal. And that is supported by various figures that are available. For example, one study by UNCTAD points to the fact that the worth of the global ecommerce market was over $22 trillion. In the coming years that figure is expected to rise.

Of course the rapid rise of the ecommerce market has been facilitated greatly by the increased use of technology to allow people to be able to shop better. In a great way if we manage to secure and protect online shoppers from possible attacks, make shopping easier to execute and enable faster delivery of purchased products then the growth of ecommerce will be enhanced. Consequently, here are some of the top technological trends in ecommerce.

Use of Artificial Intelligence

There are high chances that you might have heard or read about Artificial intelligence (AI) somewhere. And there are also high chances that you have heard some popular personalities like Bill Gates and Elon Musk saying they do not trust AI.

Biometrics in ecommerce

The thing is while there are legit concerns; I prefer to explore the beauties of AI technology when applied in ecommerce.

One of the possible applications of AI in ecommerce is in chatbots or messenger bots as it is sometimes referred. The use of this piece of software is increasingly explored by online retailers. That is to offer customers with any information they may require and also complete a transaction. The Chatbots are able to communicate with the customer through text or voice.

Some of the things a chatbot can do include offering a personalized assistance, improve the experience of the shopper, and track shipments,and automate processes among others.

Trends and security measures for e-commerce websites:


We know a number of potential online shoppers are being held back by some of the security challenges often ecommerce shoppers face. Some of the threats include spamming, hacking, and theft of confidential data.

One of the enhanced security measures that many ecommerce retailers are increasingly adopting or planning to adopt is the use of biometrics verification. This measures voice and fingerprints among other physical features of shoppers for the purpose of solving security issues.

Some payment services like Apple Pay has implemented biometrics verification and relies on the fingerprint scanner of the iPhone. Great solution, but still a lot to be done.

Ecommerce security

Ecommerce drones for delivery

Drones have been around for some time and already they are used in a number of ways while some possible uses are still being explored.

One thing that usually greatly hinders ecommerce shopping is delivery. We all want the goods we have purchased to be delivered as quickly as possible and most of the time that cannot be the case. For that reason, a number of delivery companies have been started but there’s a lot of progress to be made.

The use of drones to deliver purchased ecommerce goods faster is being considered. Still it is in initial stages of testing and it is true that there are a number of challenges that face it already but we cannot lose hope.

Shoppable videos

As the name suggests it is also an interesting innovation and involves being able to purchase an item anytime you desire in a video. Of course you will have to stop the video first for you to purchase.

The use of shoppable video is being preferred to content and images because they give customers the best visual experience. Additionally, it has been shown that shoppable videos can significantly reduce the time for browsing a catalog by a shopper.

Hopefully, there will be more interests and more investments in exploring the use of shoppable videos.

Wordpress plugins ecommerce for security

Mobile Commerce

Initially a number of online shoppers used desktop / laptop to shop. But due to the proliferation of mobile phones, a number of online stores are making their sites mobile responsive and by having mobile apps that allow online shopping. It’s in the checkout stage in mobile shopping that usually there is a problem but that is being sorted out by various online stores.

Because of enabling mobile shopping, there has been an increase in mobile commerce. 55% of total online traffic in 2017 was attributed to mobile devices and the same applies to online shopping where the number of those who use mobile devices has been steadily rising.

Use of Voice Assistants

This technology is able to listen to your voice commands and execute the commands. For example, voice assistants can make purchases and perform searches among other possible tasks.

One common example of voice assistants is China’s We Chat that is able to perform various tasks including booking a taxi and buying movie tickets.

In conclusion, the trends are not that exhaustive, there are others not covered like digital wallets and one-click checkouts among others. All in all, for an online business to be able to remain competitive, put the customer first, it must be able to adopt some if not all of these trends this year or in the next few years.


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